Why Us

The reasons are pretty simple:

  • Quality at the core: All products sourced or manufactured at Carpet Mahal are made with original and genuine material. Their colors don't fade, the threads don't loosen up, the stitches are strong, and the designs are traditional and authentic. For instance, we all know that pashmina in India comes from Kashmir. At Carpet Mahal, a customer will get a pashmina that is sourced from Kashmir.
  • Largest collection: Carpet Mahal has one of the largest collections of textiles and carpets under one roof, giving easy access to the customer to experience the rich diversity of Indian textiles.
  • Prime location: Carpet Mahal showroom is located at a very prime location in Jaipur. Its proximity to Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and Amer fort, make it a not-to-be-missed shopping destination for all tourists.
  • Customer at the center: Since it attracts all tourists in Jaipur, it does not sell just for the sake of selling products. The tourists are free to walk around for a visual treat of Indian textiles. The salespeople will only sell the right collectible to the right customer.
  • Handmade: All textiles and carpets are made by hand. Either hand knotted or hand embroidered or hand block printed or stitched by hand, every piece has that organic and beautiful touch of handmade. 
  • Experiential Crafts: A tourist can learn about the amazing processes of crafts at Carpet Mahal, thereby enriching his or her experience of India. The tourist is also, therefore, sensitized to the diverse crafts culture of India.   
  • Best Recommendations: Tour operators across India know Carpet Mahal personally. Thus shopping in Jaipur is synonymous to Carpet Mahal. Local tour guides also vouch for the quality of Carpet Mahal textiles and carpets.
  • After sales services: In continuation with the belief that the customer is paramount, Carpet Mahal has the facility of delivering at your hotel, in case a customer wanted to get the size altered or another piece made in a certain way. We specialize in made-to-measure outfits in a given time frame, with our dedicated team of 10 tailors, and will deliver at the doorstep.

Be assured that you are shopping at the right place in Jaipur, at Carpet Mahal. It will be an enriching experience of a lifetime!