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Company Profile

It's soft, handmade carpets and textiles that create your signature style- a hand-knotted square rug in the middle of your living room, or that handmade block printed bedspread or a tie-and-dye scarf! Your own space that spells comfort and lets you forget your worldly worries. Handmade textiles that not only create a home, but an experience of staying. A wardrobe that is eco-friendly, chic and comfortable at the same time.

Established in 1992, Shree Carpet & Textile Mahal is an Indian, family owned carpet and textile retailer, with an aptitude for quality and sincerity, and has been catering to foreigners and tourists exclusively.

Based in Jaipur and catering to the international tourist coming to Jaipur, Carpet Mahal believes that a tourist must experience the shades of the royalty once he or she is in the Royal Pink City. Besides, a tourist must also experience the handcrafted excellence of the country in the handmade textiles and carpets. Carpet Mahal offers a one-stop solution for handcrafted excellent textiles, fabrics and carpets from all over the country.

  • What matters most at Carpet Mahal is and will always be: quality, quality and quality. Be it in the use of handcrafted technology, remaining true to traditional and old designs, adapting them to contemporary usages, contributing to the holistic development of the artisans and their families, or in the intensive and experiential dialogue with our beloved customers. Dreaming relentlessly, following visions, blending the old with the new- the determined pursuit of excellence has a long tradition at Carpet Mahal.
  • We make your shopping a little more. At Carpet Mahal, the tourist will see many an eclectic selection of decorative carpets, in varied sizes and historical patterns, designs, colors, yarns and weaving techniques. The tourist also sees the artisans live in action- about 50 of them hand-knotting or weaving or embroidering, doing block print, dyeing or tailoring. So when a tourist shops at Carpet Mahal, s/he has not only bought a product simply, but an experience that includes knowledge of the process and the name of the artisan who made that exquisite piece. In short, you buy a story, not just a product.
  • We make it easy. Our salesmen have been with us ever since our inception. They are fluent in languages as diverse as Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and English. They facilitate information about every piece and help the tourist to select the best one that suits his or her taste and style.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility matter. Every product that is bought contributes to the development of the 350 artisans and their families that work with Carpet Mahal. Not only the artisans, but the salespeople and other staff. As a matter of belief, Carpet Mahal also extends monetary support towards child welfare and has associated itself with reputed NGOs in Jaipur.

Board of Directors

Shri Ramgopal Saraf and Shri Rambabu Saraf inherited a small shop their father and with their farsightedness and a core vision have built their business to the level of an empire; through their belief in customer centric culture. Shri Nawal Mohan Agarwal and Shri Girdhari Lal Agarwal, managing textile and carpet division respectively, they bring to the Board, tremendous product experience and excellent management skills.