I have always been enamored by the rich textile tradition of India. One of my intentions, while coming to India, was to experience the textiles here. I thought my itinerary will not allow me to experience this rich craft. But a visit to Carpet Mahal made my trip one of the most successful and important memory of my life. I am taking back with me, a piece in all craft techniques.

Amelia WeighfieldUSA

I have been to India before and have shopped here in a number of cities. Nowhere else have I seen artisans working and interacting with the tourists as they show their works. At Carpet Mahal, the experience was not just tangible, it was spiritual and soul lifting; as I spent quite some time with the artisan, learning, not just about his craft, but about his life, dreams and aspirations.

Eva TorrisSpain

After my travel experiences to Central Asia, the hub of carpet making, I thought that I has seen and experienced everything about carpets. When I reached Carpet Mahal, and saw the displayed carpets and rugs, I could not believe my eyes. It was as if I was transported into another land. I could imagine the historical chronology of the carpet, right in front of my eyes. Kashmiri carpets were a visual treat, and a obvious extension to the Persian carpets.

Ines FiscerGermany

This is my first time in India. I had about the rich cultural diversity of the country and had assumed that I will never be able to grasp the essence of the country in a single journey. Carpet Mahal gave me that opportunity- to capture the plural diversity and craft traditions of India- all under one roof. I am glad that I visited Carpet Mahal. Now, I know I have seen India.

Kazumi kitaJapan

I am a shopping freak and am uncontrollable when it comes to shopping. Since Carpet Mahal has such a large collection, I obviously was over the roof. The salespeople helped me, to not shop and take advantage of my habit, but to make wise choices while shopping and not buy just for the sake of buying. Thanks to them, I was able to spend wisely and take home an interesting range of textiles and carpets.

Laurance FerryAustralia

I have enjoyed every bit of my trip to India, and the two hours at Carpet Mahal were like an icing on the cake. Shopping was affordable and hassle-free, and I could take gifts for all my friends- a piece of India for everybody.

Katie BraidenLondon